Monday, August 9, 2010

I Did NOT Forget About This Thing

I've just been pretty busy with real life stuff. That's kind of a lie, I haven't really been busy enough to not write anything, I've just been kinda lazy. It happens to everyone though, right? And the added fact that there hasn't been a lot of really interesting/entertaining stuff to write about. I don't want to be one of those people that says "And then I had crinkle chips with my sandwich.. which had spicy mustard and Muenster cheese and ham..." because that's kinda boring, even though delicious and I would totally eat that. Mmm Muenster cheese...

Anywhoo, to give the illusion that my life is full of interesting/entertaining things I guess I should post something about what has been keeping me occupied recently.

Number 1 is that my sister had her baby on last Tuesday. While 20 days earlier than her due date, the new addition to our family is in good health and temperament. I shall be able to see this for myself when I go visit my family in a couple of weeks. My mom has texted me a few times saying things to the extent that I will fall in love with her and that she's an angel baby (because she reminds my mom of me, of course) and she will be an artist/president whenever she grows up. Ahh babies, they make even bitter girls like me smile and giggle. Until they start to scream, puke or poo.. and then I can hand it back to whoever the lucky parent is.

Number 2 (heheh, poop) is that in October there will be a LARP event over Halloween weekend for NERO Atlanta with my friends doing the brunt of the work. To help them out, and because I'm kind of a sadist, I've been rehearsing a dance routine inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender and the different styles of bending and the Kyoshi Warrior girls. The song is about 5 minutes long.. we have 1 minute and 30 seconds of the routine done. So, on my Wednesday evenings I shall be rehearsing that at Jodi's house and then on some Saturday's we will drive across town to dance at Caycee's house. We went to Caycee's this past Saturday and got to dance on a ROCK in a STREAM. It was totally epic-looking. Like, I felt like I was the girl that I was portraying. Can't wait until I can order my own fans to snap around the house and annoy the crap out of my roommates with. ^_^

Number 3 is work.. I worked a lot last week and the week before. Like 8 days in a row worked a lot. It was worth the money, just not the sleep problems. I'm a night owl by nature so having to wake up at 6 multiple days in a row to be bright, cheery and coherent is really not something I enjoy doing. The plus side to that is that I can drink coffee all day long to keep myself to the level of caffeineation that I need to be at to deal with running up and down stairs and doing dishes in The Pit, which is only slightly cooler than the outside temperature but way more humid. Don't get me wrong, I love working at the cafe.. I just wish I didn't have to wake up so early most days of the week to do so. But, once the weather cools down I'll be able to walk without wantneeding to take a shower because of the sweat-tastic heat.

But yeah.. that's what keeps me going. That and the prospect of Dragon*Con and AWA in September. Can't wait for those, might even be able to go and cosplay. Nothing new, probably Sakura from Fate/Stay Night for the third or fourth year in a row. We'll see.