Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Resolution: Be Healthy

I love food. A lot. Like... more than I should. I like reading about food, looking at pictures of food, watching people make food, listening to people talk about food... yeah. I'm addicted to food.

So here begins the start of what will probably be the hardest month for me to follow: being healthy. And by "being healthy" I mean not eating whatever I feel like, when I like. It's gonna be hard, I'm surrounded by food at work so I snack off and on all day, telling myself that it's okay because I'll work it off or that it's "quality control". And once I get home I find myself wandering the kitchen, peering in the fridge and our various food hiders. Out of boredom, usually. If I actually ate when I was hungry, I would probably only eat one or two times a day. But I don't, I eat when I'm bored. Which is bad, from what I hear.

It won't be easy, there will be many days that I want to scream "fuck you, I'm gonna be fat and happy!" and eat a bag of cookies or something.. and then I'll feel bad. Because I get eaters remorse when I'm trying to be better about things.

To start off the month, instead of jumping straight into some crazy diet or something, I'm going back to the basics: drinking enough water and exercise.

Right now, the exercise is easier than drinking water. For the last couple of weeks I've been walking to work because my car is messed up. According to le Google Maps, from my house to my place of employment it is a whopping 0.8 miles if I take one way and 0.9 miles if I go another. So, round trip, I can get between 1.6 and 1.8 miles of walking in. Which isn't bad at all, really, considering that normally the only time I walk anywhere is around the mall, at a con or at a LARP event. In addition to walking to work (I'm not even going to mention actually working, since it's a given being that I'm a waitress in a place with 2 levels) I have started to dance on Wednesday's again with Jodi. Right now it isn't much, we're still trying to come up with the actual routine, but once we have that ironed out, it'll turn into a really good workout.

Drinking water, on the other hand, is harder for me because I like flavour. I know, why not just get the little packet things that you add to water bottles? Because those things are crap for you, being made of Splenda if they're low calorie or just tasting horrible. Plus, I'm addicted to coffee. But I've found a way to get a couple of ounces into my system, so we'll start there. Actually, I've done really good on drinking water today, I'm on my third bottle of 16 ounces.. so, I've had 48 ounces of water all told today. [Edit: After actually measuring my water bottle I found that it holds 20 ounces of water, so I actually drank about 50 for the day!] And like 8 ounces of coffee, and the same for soda. It's been a really good water day.

So, here's to being healthy!