Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Really Love Pumpkin Creme Candies

So much do I love them that for the last month I have had a package of them sitting on my desk. And I have to keep myself from eating all of them in one fell swoop by limiting my delicious candy intake to like 2 a day.. or hour... It's really quite sad the addiction I have for pumpkin cremes and candy corn. But, it is an addiction I only have during the fall holidays, much like my love for pumpkin. Dear god do I love fucking pumpkin flavoured items.

Anyway. Yeah. Life has been extremely busy these last few months. Since August I have been rehearsing for a carnival on Halloween weekend. It was hard, the hours were long, the sweat was much.. but it was all worth it. We did really well and everyone complimented us and even asked for an encore. Once a video gets uploaded, I will share the link for all of my lovely readers... that don't follow me on FB. Haha.

In other news, I've been talking with this really cute boy that I've kinda had a mini-crush on for a few years. Apparently, he felt the same way.. which is kinda awesome. But yeah.. it makes me happy, so we'll see how things go. He also wanted me to post a picture that I drew. It was originally a bear-shark.. but I think it looks like a shark-manatee.

What do you think?

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