Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The First: An Introduction of the Main Characters

So... yeah. I've gone and started a blog. Now I just have to think of funny things to say so that I don't feel dumb. I guess I could explain why I have started this thing (idle curiosity) and the meaning behind the name (it's the table number that I sat at on my birthday and I couldn't think of anything else) and who I am (a newly 25 year old who stays up too late playing FB games or reading at least 4 times a week).

Well, that wasn't too bad. And they say that blogging is hard. Heh... famous last words, methinks.

Anywhoo (STFU Lich Cat!).. yeah, maybe I should start with a list of characters that will frequent my daily, weekly and monthly ramblings.

**The Roommates**

*Carol: We used to work together back in Savannah in the cafe at Barnes & Noble. After finally being convinced that she wasn't a spy for the store manager we became friends and spent a lot of time sitting on her living room floor, sewing and gluing things together in the name of creativity. I once got high on her porch while spray painting papermache and chicken wire armor for her and Kristy. Carol also has really big boobs and milk products hate her.

*Kristy: Also another B&N refugee that I befriended after we started to compare the buttons we had on our messenger bags. She introduced me to LARP and hardcore costume making for conventions. It was her idea to make the aforementioned armor. Kristy has an online comic that she doesn't update anymore, despite my threatening to baby gate the computer room until she does. She also cannot fend for herself when it comes to food, a prime example being that she once ate a tortilla filled with cream cheese for dinner.

*Cathe: Kristy's girlfriend and cat fanatic. She works at a vet and I'm pretty sure she's a profession student since in the 5 or so years I've known her it's only in the last 7 months that she hasn't attended school. When we go to conventions she is usually turned into the Bag Bitch while we get our pictures taken as she does not do cosplay with us. Cathe eats nothing but fruits and vegetables because she loves animals too much to eat them. She is also addicted to Fallout 3.

*Joy: One of Kristy, Carol and Cathe's Final Fantasy 11 guild members that moved from California to live with us because we were that freaking awesome. I wish I were kidding, but that's basically how I know her. Joy is completely random in anything that she does, which can lead to hilarious things. Her only flaw that I can see is that she's a vegetarian and fills the fridge with Tofurkey and Not Bacon. Gross.

*Mish (Michelle): Joy's girlfriend who moved with her from California. She is very quiet and shy.. like, when we met she was totally absorbed into the Bleach game for the DS. I think we may have exchanged like 10 words the entire weekend. She joins Cathe in the living room and plays Mass Effect 2 on another TV while Cathe plays Fallout.

*Frank: Joy and Michelle's roommate from California who decided to join them on their cross-country drive and move. He's the token boy for the house.

**The Cats**

*Patches: Kristy's childhood pet, making her really old, like 14 or something. She has creepy eyes and three legs. (Orange, calico)

*Kit (Lich Cat, Skinny Bitch): Cathe's childhood pet, also making her really old. She's really skinny, has no teeth and patchy fur. She screams in the middle of the night because she's either lost or wants something. (Black and White)

*Maggie (Magrathea, Fat Maggie): Cathe's rescue cat. She used to have a gang, back when she was a stray. Being a stray means that she is obsessed with anything related to the food or outside. She is the bane of my existence because she always wants to get in the sink or on the counter or steal peoples food. (Brown and stripey)

*Simon (Dr Tam, Dr Spit): Simon once had a sister named River but she died last year from kidney failure. The remaining Tam Cat has a horrible case of herpes eye and is allergic to his own feet. He's also kind of skittish but really sweet.. if it weren't for the fact that Maggie taught him bad habits. (Black)

*Quincy (Quincers, Basement Cat): He made the move from California and lives downstairs because Kit tries to kill him whenever she can. He is enormous and afraid of everything. Seriously, everything. (Grey and fluffy)

*Maya (Twiddles, Kaylee, Yama Maya): The most recent addition to the house known as Nerd Palace. She was a baby stray that was brought in to Cathe's vet office and came home to be given medication and human interaction. After a few name changes she was adopted by Joy and spends part of her day scaring Quincy and showing Simon just how much she loves him by jumping on his head, back and tail a million times in the day.

**Other People**

*Jodi: My best friend of 10 years (holy crap) from Savannah, she lives down the road from me once more.

*Steve (Scuba): Cathe and Kristy's former roommate, Jodi's current boyfriend. He wears Hawaiian shirts nearly everyday.

*Mickey: He runs the Superhero game that me, Carol, Kristy, Jodi, Steve, James and Frog play on 2 Monday's each month.

*Heather (Pixie): She can kill you with her knowledge of how to save you. She works for the county as a rescue person.. normally that means she sits in front of WalMart and makes snarky comments. She is made of glitter and doom.

*James: Mickey's roommate. His girlfriend is Jen.

*Frog: One of Mickey and Carol's friends. His wife is Emily. Carol hangs out with them every Tuesday.

So, I think that might be everyone that will be mentioned at least once a month. Wow.. that's a lot of writing. Maybe I should leave it there for the night and go check FB...?

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