Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow! I'm pretty sure that crap is evil.

It snowed on Sunday the 9th. At first, it was pretty... the crisply white snow coating the lawn, street, rooftops, tree branches.. it looked like something off of a greeting card.We were all excited by the prospect of a Snow Day.

Look at the pretty snow! Let's drink hot chocolate!

Five days later, Thursday the 13th, the city is still mostly snowed in. Our cul de sac is under probably 3 inches of snow and ice on the roads with probably about 4 to 6 inches in the yards. It's the ice that keeps you from being able to drive anywhere though.

The tiny black parts are the road. The rest is DEATH.

Like... this morning I thought I would drive to work instead of walk the almost mile like I did yesterday. Apparently, I thought wrong. I got out of the driveway well enough but the moment I hit the street and tried to turn, I was stuck in a patch of ice. The wheels were turning.. but they were turning on ice, so my ass was stuck in the middle of the street. With the help of Frank and Cathe I was able to get my car from the middle to the side of the street. Hopefully nobody hits my car. That would suck and I would cry.

After getting the car back to safety I called my boss back (she had called while I was trying to move the car) and then I called the co-worker that I was going to be working with. She had had the same idea of trying to drive instead of walk and had gotten stuck in her street as well. Now, while my walk takes 15 minutes in good weather and about 20 in the snow, her walk is an hour in the snow. So, there was no way that we were going to make it to the cafe to open in the next hour and a half.. which leaves me not working again today.

Good thing I managed to get in that 10 AM - 2 PM shift yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow will see me at work for about the same amount of time. My co-worker is just going to walk without waiting to hear from our boss what time she would like us to come in, since it doesn't really matter and we got like 15 customers yesterday that were within walking distance of us.

The sidewalk has become an icy deathtrap. But the snow is still pretty!

But, on the plus side of this snowedinness.. is that a word? I've gotten my laundry washed, if not put away yet, and yesterday Cathe and Frank got the couch that was in the garage into the upstairs living room, which gives us more seating that isn't the floor. I might bundle up and trek out to my car to retrieve my sewing machine from the trunk and make some little things with scraps of fabric I have laying around my room. I'm thinking something like this: Coffee Mug Cozy Thing. It's simple sewing, being a rectangle, and I have the supplies and the time to do it. So, we'll see if I manage to be creative and/or productive today.

At the very least, I'll put away my clean laundry and make my bed.

Oh, and my roommate Mish just tried to leave for work. She just got stuck in the same place I did.

Evil fucking ice.

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